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Check out new journals in the Etsy shop

I have added several new items to the Etsy shop, ViroBooks. These items are hand bound blank journals. Each of them has 90 lined pages of 32 lb paper. They have exposed spines with a coptic stitch pattern (this pattern gives the appearance of braiding along the spine). The covers are bound in 100% cotton papers of various patterns. They are $5 each. A couple example shots are shown below (more are on Etsy):

I am still gathering materials for the hand bound versions of Vironevaeh: Science Fiction Fairy Tales. These journals serve a few purposes: 1) drive traffic to the new and thus unrated Etsy store, 2) use up some paper I don’t currently have a use for and 3) practice to apply towards the binding of the Fairy Tales.

Hand bound versions of the Fairy Tales should reach Etsy soon!