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The journey of getting published

Although I have spent and continue to spend a lot of time writing, I have no fictional works published. This is basically due to my lack of effort to get my materials out. I have submitted to very few journals and publications. Nobody likes rejections and they are inevitable.

I was recently directed to Duotrope, a website that keeps a list of thousands of publications and websites open to submissions. For scifi alone, they listed 293 markets for short stories with electronic submission. The website keeps statistics on acceptance rates, time to response, percent personal response, and other statistics. I felt like I could handle the rejections with a resource like this. With 300 possibilities, I could keep striving, knowing that if I wrote something good, there is certainly a place for it.

I submitted something for the first time in four years last night to a quarterly website called “The Colored Lens“. I submitted around midnight, and was rejected by 4 AM. Ouch. But they have a less than 2% acceptance rate, and I chose them because of their quick turn around and high rate of personal comments. Indeed, their comments were brief but relevant.

Let’s hope the next round is a little better, but all I can do for now is try.