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Madeleine Albright’s Prague Winter: Election Reflections

On Tuesday, I reviewed Madeleine Albright’s affecting and informative Prague Winter, about Czechoslovakia from 1937-1948. Tuesday night, the United States elected Donald Trump as the president. Prague Winter is about a nation facing nationalism and uncertainty in the face of global change.

The first Czechoslovak Republic was mostly the victim of larger circumstances. Based upon the choices made by Germany, Great Britain, and France, Czechoslovakia lived without liberty for 50 years. The Czechoslovakia of 1938 and United States of 2016 are not similar; for one, the US controls its destiny. But in both 1938 Europe and 2016 USA, I see anger diminishing people’s respect for basic human liberty and respect. Early Wednesday morning, Nazi graffiti marred the walls of my campus.

Liberal or conservative, we must stand up for our neighbors. We are still a phenomenally blessed nation. Stand for humanitarianism, not nationalism.