About me

I am a PhD chemical engineer and a practicing systems engineer in New Mexico. I play water polo left handed and I draw right handed. What I lack in talent, I make up for in persistence. My PhD taught me to embrace fascination even (or especially) in the face of apathy.

About my writing and projects

My longest-running project is world-building for a city called Vironevaeh, the namesake for this website. I first wrote about Vironevaeh when I was ten. Sometimes this spins off other projects of an overly elaborate and esoteric nature. The theory goes—eventually persistence will lead to excellence. I accept this hypothesis because the effort is tremendously fun.

Sometimes, I make water polo art instead. It’s a lot less effort than playing water polo, but seems to trick my brain into thinking I played. Win-win.

About this blog

This website documents my projects, as well as various things I find interesting along the way. I find a lot of things interesting, so it gets to be an odd mix, especially over a decade of meandering.


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