1. About

About me

I am a PhD chemical engineer and a practicing systems engineer. I have been interested in science and science fiction my whole life. When I was three, my brother told me there was a black hole under the bed, to keep me away from toys. Concerned at this possibility, I became interested in astronomy.

About my writing and projects

I first wrote about Vironevaeh when I was ten. As I learned about science and the universe, Vironevaeh grew. I researched various scientific topics to better explain Vironevaeh. I taught myself to draw to better explain Vironevaeh.

Science fiction such as Star Trek, Babylon 5, Isaac Asimov, and Madeleine L’Engle helped to kindle my interest as a child. I hope that by writing and illustrating science fiction aimed at younger children, I might kindle their interest in science fiction and science. I also write science fiction for adults.

About this blog

This website documents my projects, as well as various things I find interesting along the way. I find a lot of things interesting, so it gets to be an odd mix, but I try to stick to science fiction and things artistic and scientific. I’m also interested in cooking, water polo, travel, and sports.

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