About this blog

This website documents my projects, as well as various things I find interesting along the way. I find a lot of things interesting, so it gets to be an odd mix, but I try to stick to science fiction and things artistic and scientific. I’m also interested in cooking, water polo, travel, and sports.

I post about something every Monday, and I post a writing prompt and response every Wednesday. Lately, I have been posting about food science topics on Friday. Let me know what you think, or what you’d like to see!

2 thoughts on “About this blog

  1. Rhonda

    Hi Karen! So good to see you back! For we who ponder life and its sometimes “interesting” unfolding, it can sometimes be food for much thought.

    I too have fallen off the wagon with my blog. I don’t have a reason that’s as valid as yours, but I seem to just have lost the motivation. I do still travel in my motorhome. Right now I’m on the coast of Oregon, slowly heading up to the Olympic Peninsula in Washington if it doesn’t get too cold or dreary! I do take tons of pictures, and mentally I record my experiences, as if I were writing the blog. But somehow they never make it to print! I think a big part of it may be that I take just too many photos. It becomes such a decision making process to cull through them and edit the ones that are blog-worthy. So I figure it will be what it will be. I’m retired, I can do whatever I want!

    I look forward to keeping up with you on your blog should the spirit move you.


    1. Vironevaeh Post author

      Thanks Rhonda. It sounds like you are still inspired to photograph, just maybe not to blog. I’ve always figured that the important thing is to keep doing something and to let inspiration move me along as I go. I like to keep this blog because the action of sitting down and writing about what I’m doing often leads me to new ideas. It felt more like a weight than a window the last few months. Oh well, it’s not my livelihood!

      I definitely relate to not posting photos because choosing and editing is overwhelming and less fun than taking them. I think I’m a couple of years behind on Flickr. I tell myself that I shouldn’t let perfect be the enemy of good, and yet I still don’t get around to posting. Alas.

      Good travels in the northwest! We are still very warm here in the southwest, and it’s balloon time now.



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