Posts in other sciences

As a scientist, I think that science education is really important, and that science is also fun to write about. From time to time, I post about areas of science that I find interesting or that I have some expertise in. The goal of these posts is to communicate scientific and mathematic ideas to a non expert.

Below are a list of the posts and a brief description. If you would like to know about some topic I haven’t covered, feel free to ask me. I’m always looking for new ideas for posts.



  • Crystals– Fun pictures of crystals, and some discussion of why they look the way they do.
  • Crystals: Part II– More fun pictures of crystals.
  • Platinum– Why is it so expensive, and what do we use it for?
  • Helium– Why the stuff we put in our balloons is actually rare and special.
  • Lithium– The stuff of our laptop batteries and our anti-mania drugs.

Materials science:

Social Science:


  • Enzymes– The catalysts of the body are very specific proteins that are essential to life.

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