Water Polo Illustration & Design

Below are some of my water polo illustrations. You can find the (moreorless) complete gallery here.

I started designing because I really admire art deco posters for sports like hockey and baseball, but couldn’t find any for water polo.

Do you have a stupid illustration idea? Those are my favorite. Many of the designs are for our summer league play in New Mexico–see, “Triceratopes”, “Ragnarok” and “Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix 01” below.

Etsy shop

I sell a few designs as shirts on my Etsy shop, ViroBooks. My illustration has mostly been motivated by supporting my teams; I donate income from the shop to support New Mexico water polo.

If you’d like to see a design on the shop, let me know. For New Mexico water polo folks, I’m happy to print posters up to 18″ x 24″ at cost.