Victor Horta: Art Nouveau Architect

I pretty much love anything art nouveau. So whenever I go to European cities, I look to see if they have any art nouveau icons. In Prague there is Mucha, in Berlin there is the Bröhan museum, and in Brussels there is Victor Horta. There is a Horta Museum, as well as a number of buildings he and others designed nearby. A bunch of walking tours (like this one with a nice video) can help you cover the various buildings or get a peek from wherever you currently are via the pictures.

Like many architects of the period, he also designed the furniture, wallpaper, and interior structures like staircases. The museum has great examples of these. Alas no pictures were allowed and there aren’t any fair use pics. But if you’re curious you can google for yourself. Here are some pictures of his lovely buildings:


Hôtel Tassel in Brussels


Hôtel Solvay


Horta museum building


Horta museum building


Old England building, designed by Barnabé Guimard, closer to the Grand Place in Brussels. (not Horta, but still very cool. This hosts the instrument museum so you can go inside and enjoy that too.

Staircase from Horta museum



2 thoughts on “Victor Horta: Art Nouveau Architect

    1. Vironevaeh Post author

      Architecture is such a blend of art and engineering. I wish more buildings brought both to bear. Our modern building materials have so much potential, but I guess due to budgets we rarely see it.



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