Learning, learning, learning

A couple of weeks ago, I signed up for an online service, Lynda.com, where you can watch videos to learn about various software. I’ve been watching the things non-stop, especially to learn about InDesign and Illustrator. In a way, the videos have been exhausting; I am so curious about the topics that I sometimes watch until I’m absolutely frazzled. There’s nothing more exciting than learning new skills. Then I took my learning to my projects. I had another bookbinding marathon last week, putting together copies of three books-in-progress.

Project #1: loosely based on Hiroshige’s “100 views of Edo.” This 4″ x 6″ book contains the first 25 scenes of the city of Vironevaeh, along with historical context. Harkening back to Hiroshige, I bound this book using Japanese stab binding.



Project #2: A project I first started a year and a half ago, I re-visited “The Galactic Adventures of Zish and Argo”, with my new knowledge about layout and so forth. I improved the cover, and all around tightened things up.SONY DSC SONY DSC

Project #3: A collection of science fiction stories by the members of my writing group. Assembled in InDesign, also taking advantage of my new skills. Soon to be available on the kindle.

SONY DSCAnd now back to projects. More to post later, undoubtedly.



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