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“The Lonely Man on the Ship”: Available now!

cover-0731 v4

“The Lonely Man on the Ship” is now available as an e-book! “The Lonely Man on the Ship” in an illustrated science fiction fairy about the adventures of a man stuck on a broken down space ship. It is appropriate for all ages.

It is a Fixed-Layout e-book, which unlike the traditional flowable e-book has pre-defined pages. A fixed-layout book takes more work, but take a look and you will see how beautifully “The Lonely Man on the Ship” turned out. This is the childhood storybook made portable.

I hope to set the kindle price to free in the future– kindle does not allow small-volume users to set a price of free, but sometimes will set it to free themselves to price-match other sites.

I am also working to place it in local businesses as a zine for a few bucks (so excited!). So check those digital versions out, or contact me about physical copies!

Writing prompt: The enchanted dollhouse

Time: 7 minutes. Click here to go to my list of prompts.

“The enchanted dollhouse”

The attic, a place of gloom and terror that Lillian only went as a last resort to hide from chores, was the last place that Lillian expected to find a dollhouse. It was under a dusty old sheet, and when she pulled it off, she had the greatest sense of delight. The little dolls were tucked in their beds, and all the details were just so—victorian wallpaper, delicately carved stair railings, a tiny loaf of bread on the table. Lillian sat all the dolls at the kitchen table and arranged plates with forks and knives, and it was amazing.

Why hadn’t mom told her about the dollhouse? Well, sometimes mom was weird, so Lillian decided not to say anything about it after she came back down from the attic. All evening long, she wanted to go back up and play, but mom would ask questions.

The next afternoon, Lillian went straight to the attic after school, and straight to the dollhouse. Oddly, the dolls weren’t at the table, they were in bed again. Hmm, mom must have come up to play with it herself or something.

So Lillian asked her mother about the dollhouse when she returned from work.

“What dollhouse?” her mother said with intensity. She could be so weird.

“The one in the attic. The Victorian one. I found it yesterday.”

“You didn’t play with it, did you?” her mother’s face grew pale.

“Of course I did,” Lillian said. “Don’t worry, I was careful and I didn’t break anything.”

Her mother rushed out of the room. “Mom,” her mother said, “Lillian found the dollhouse. What do I do?”

Fairy Tales available on Gumroad

Vironevaeh: Science Fiction Fairy Tales are now available here through Gumroad. For $3.50, you can purchase drm-free PDFs of the fairy tales in both portrait and landscape. These pdfs can be transferred to tablets, printed out, or whatever. Gumroad is a relatively new site that facilitates distributing documents online.

On a totally different note, I’ve started working on an idea for a board game. I have been wanting to make a board game for a while, since the production is pretty similar to bookbinding. Over the next few months, I will work on the game play, and hopefully I’ll have something to put on here before too long.