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Publications and Ph.D.s

Some brief (and exciting) updates!

Check out my first story, “The Alchemist’s Contract”  here at Swords and Sorcery. I’m still adjusting to the notion that something I wrote has been published =).

Then check out this nice review at Black Gate (toward the bottom). It looks like an excellent resource on the recent happenings of medieval and high fantasy. (I’m usually more familiar with the science fiction end of the spectrum, so I’m new to this end– very cool!) Check out their main Black Gate page here.

And on a more personal note, I successfully defended my PhD dissertation on Friday. Hooray, I’m Dr. Vironevaeh! Happy Wednesday, all!

Writing: getting peer review

I mentioned some time ago on this blog that I had submitted a short story to a couple of different publications via Duotrope. Duotrope is a website that aggregates markets for different kinds of writing. The site tracks how often a market accepts submissions, as well as how long they take to tell you yes or no, and how often the feedback is personal. They track a number of other useful stats as well. I am still waiting to hear back about my story. It has been 46 days. This is a long time! I now realize that I thought submission would be a mechanism to edit my stories. I thought I could use the feedback from the editors to then improve the story. But there are better places to seek quicker and more detailed editing.

Recently, my writing group told about peer-reviewed critique websites. They recommended critters.org and youwriteon.com. At these websites, you critique other people’s work in order to gain credits to get your own work critiqued. This way, you can learn about both writing and critiquing. I joined critters a few days ago, and submitted my first critique last night. After another, I will be eligible to submit a manuscript. I look forward to sharing my thoughts and progress on this.