Photography: Patterns

Every now and again, it’s fun to rummage through your old photos and look for categories. Pictures of bicycles, pictures of cats, pictures of cats, pictures that are purple… you get the idea. But it does take a while. So today, I rummaged through my photos for pictures of patterns.

I was inspired by Flickr’s new organizational features. Under the new “camera roll” is the magic view, which allows you to look at various pre-determined categories according to Flickr. There’s various kinds of animals, landscapes, and people categories. My favorite is the style. Below is my “pattern” category. Not every image hits the nail on the head, but it’s a cool way of looking through your photos. I’ve got over 7000 on Flickr, so I can see photos with similar attributes across the years. Some of the categories were ones I already had thought of, but some were new ideas.patterns

So, some of my favorite pattern pictures!


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